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Anonymous said: Hiii! Does The Leo man chase you or do you have to chase them?.. And how do you know they're even interested in you :/?

To see if he likes you: 

  • Look for romantic gestures. Candlelit dinners, walks on the beach and dancing to soft music are the classic tools of seduction for a Leo man in love. A Leo man lives for romance and takes pride in knowing how to treat a lady right. 
  • See if he is chivalrous. Leo men tend to be very traditional when it comes to their ideas regarding dating. If a Leo man likes you, expect him to open the car door when he picks you up and pull out your chair at the restaurant. 
  • Touch him often. Leo men are known for being adventurous lovers, so it’s no surprise that they also tend to be very physically affectionate outside the bedroom. A Leo man is always looking for little ways to be in close contact with the people he loves. Give him the opportunity to express his feelings and see how he reacts. 
  • Watch how he acts when the two of you are around other men. Leo men are extremely possessive and get jealous easily. If a Leo man likes you, he won’t be happy to see another man checking you out. Even a seemingly innocent flirtation is enough to upset a Leo man in love. 
  • Examine his gifts. Leo men are known for their generosity, so you can expect lots of gifts in the early stages of a relationship. A Leo man loves to show his partner that he can provide the finer things in life. Jewelry, expensive perfumes and lacy lingerie are the classic birthday or anniversary gift choices for a Leo man. 

But be careful, Leo men tend to be slightly vain, so compliments are a great tool for making them feel loved and appreciated. And If you think a Leo man likes you, do not play hard to get. Leo men need lots of affection and attention to be satisfied in a relationship.

Leo men are happy when they are the centre of everyone’s attention and very, very, very, very important. They are not much interested in Sport if their preferred team is in any final but otherwise they are not. Wherever they are – home, work or wash-room, they require their own throne.

The obvious way to keep a Leo man happy is to treat him like the king in The King and I as played by Yule Brenner. He really does need a throne at home – well actually three. In his lounge he will need at least a reclining, massage chair. Ideally the chair should swivel and be positioned higher than other chairs. In his bedroom he wants a four-poster, strewn with tapestry-like quilts and many a squashy, silky, plump cushion. He also requires private toilet facilities – ideal is his own private room with a view. This should be larger than the average cubicle and should contain bidet, hand washing facilities, reading materials and digital radio. They will appreciate partners who can provide such details. You must ensure he is center of attention and never take that position yourself if you are to make him extremely happy. Never, repeat never, embarrass him publicly or privately – this often spells the end.


  • Show admiration. Leos are considered quite receptive to compliments and come-ons. But remember to be sincere in your compliments, as Leos are noble individuals who respect honesty (when delivered kindly). Leos need to feel needed. They are quite sensitive on the inside, but their pride won’t let them show it. Hurt feelings and feelings of neglect are often hidden away, leaving them to suffer in silence.
  • Don’t always expect reciprocation when it comes to compliments. While Leos are noble, they sometimes lean towards being self-centered. Not to worry, however, as Leos are loyal and have lots of love to give. Leos are also alturistic and are never to self-absorbed to help someone in need. 
  • Spend some cash on your Leo. Leos love luxury. They’re quite comfortable being pampered and may even be accustomed to the finer things in life. When it comes time for your date, dress nicely and make reservations at an upscale restaurant or take her out to a cultural event. 
  • Pay special attention to a Leo’s back when flirting. This is a Leo’s most sensitive area. Back rubs and massages paired with sensual oils are just the kind of pampering Leos crave. 
  • Pay special attention to a Leo’s back when flirting. This is a Leo’s most sensitive area. Back rubs and massages paired with sensual oils are just the kind of pampering Leos crave.
  • Keep up your appearance and be as charming, funny and talented as possible. Again, Leo’s love to show off, and that includes their partners. Impress his family and friends and ensure he’s proud to walk into a room with you. Leos strive to be the best in everything and expect the same from their mates.
  • Give him something to talk about. Create a positive memorable experience that leads to a story she can share. Leos love a story that gets others to listen and be wowed. Make an over-the-top gesture of your affection and he’s sure to be talking about it for a while 
  • Show interest. Get him to open up by asking questions about his life. If he hasn’t volunteered a few stories already, he’s sure to be aching to share. His stories are likely to be very interesting, because he’s crafted his storytelling to be engaging. 
Hope this helps!

xx Blessed Be 
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